This is what visitors said about the Pooseum

“It was poo-mazing! A little interactive and educational treasure. A must see.”Kiplin Patanwala
“This is the best place ever.”Ethan Sattler
“It’s super engaging!”Candy Mountain
“This is a must see, it’s fun, clever and thought provoking.”catherinew964
“Exceptionally well put together museum, quality material and fun.” Aaaron Wray
“An excellent little museum. Very knowledgeable and friendly owner.”Nigel Doyle
“The highlight was talking to Karin about her museum and having her add additional fascinating facts about animal poo!” Jason Handman
“Great little gem in Richmond. Perfect mix of cheekiness and education.” Jane Priestley
“Fabulous exhibits, interesting facts, and very friendly curator. I’d definitely recommend a visit."Tara Bell
“Recommend everything about the Pooseum, very high standard, all exhibits are fascinating and Karin's knowledge of all that is poo is incredible.”Veronica Darby
“Fun and unique museum!”Tajida Reza
“It is such an interesting, well planned and executed display - so educational, down to earth and, quite honestly, fascinating. It’s not about toilet humour but about science. The lady who owns this business is an absolute fund of information, she’s so passionate.”Anne Kemp
“Absolutely fantastic! So well put together, the kids had a ball and we all learned so much. If you’re in Richmond, don’t miss it.”Leonie Hall
“Loved visiting your museum today - expected it to be interesting but it exceeded even those high expectations. The breadth and depth of what you cover is extraordinary and it’s presented so beautifully.” Peter Tuft
“Our eldest son sniffed this one out. We thought he was joking, but no. So glad we went. Excellent little spot, stuffed with information and very well presented by a passionate, knowledgeable and engaging curator. Totally worth a visit.”Laurence Hopkins
“What a fun and unique experience - I never knew there was so much to learn about poo! Lots of fun facts and great for kids and adults alike. Don't miss it!”Kirsty Albion
“A unique, quaint and cool experience.”Nikki Shea
“I feel like a ‘pooineer’ after being here. Fun for everyone with a serious twist.”Ingrid Albion
“Loved it! My girls and I had a great afternoon exploring the Pooseum and learned lots of interesting and fun facts. Highly recommended!”Mel Anie
“Wonderful interactive displays & information. It's not crap ... it's science.”Bec Smith
“The information in the exhibits was informative, interesting and fun, with loads of interactivity interwoven throughout.”Rachel Ehrat
“We had a great visit. My kids (7 & 4) found it hilarious. They loved the PooTube clips in particular. We've been chatting about it for the last 24 hours.”Renee Juliet Henry
“Such a wonderfully educational experience, and for a small space there is so much information packed in that you should really take your time. The curator has used mixed media very effectively, and the interactive exhibits particularly stand out. It is a fantastic example of a niche scientific museum that goes far beyond the clichés.”Glen Seabrook-Benson
“The Pooseum was recommended to us by fellow travellers who told us that it was a not to be missed experience. We were so glad we paid a visit. So much interesting and quirky information.” desvejk